203' x 42' x 16'


My sculpture is about destabilizing, putting off balance, about what it's like be consumed, to be swallowed by the surrounding landscape. It is also an attempt to express the enormity and the inescapability of the momentum of events. The piece asks the viewer to physically enter into the landscape, to make a journey, to enter darkness and emerge into light.
The hill rises to a height of 16 feet. The mass of the hill appears to be pushing over a long curved wall, 203 feet in length with a maximum height above ground of 16 feet. The walls are pitched at an angle and gradually taper together until they almost meet overhead. From the 16-foot wide entrance, one walks down a long slope; the passage is a curving tunnel. The viewer enters a subterranean landscape. Overhead the walls tower 42 feet in height at the sculpture's center. The "skin" of the walls is made of laminated tempered glass, which references the fundamental vulnerability and fragility of humankind.